Stay Active

Some people feel that they don’t have time to work out, that it takes too long but who ever decided how long you have to workout? Who said you have to spare an hour each day and devote it to exercising? All it takes is fifteen to thirty minutes three to five days a week. It is just taking those little extra steps, it is walking or riding your bike to a friend’s house instead of driving, it is taking a study break and going on a 15 minute run instead of vegging out in front of a television. No one ever said that you have to be a work out fanatic to try and stay healthy. Some people have got this notion in their head that working out requires hours of commitment everyday and that is simply not the case.

Everyone can find a little spare time in his or her day to go and be active. That is all it is, staying ACTIVE! It takes more time to circle around a parking lot trying to get the closest spot to the door than it does to park in the back and walk. It is those little extra steps you make yourself take everyday that keep you feeling good inside and out. Staying active also keeps people energized. You feel that you can do more and accomplish more ever day because your body is being used and it feels good. No one ever said that you have to start running marathons or being a professional weight lifter, you just need to keep your body moving to feel great. Stay active.


Follow Your Heart

My blog is going to be about physical and mental wellness and trying to enjoy the little things in life. I hope to give some easy solutions to staying healthy and emphasize the importance of health inside and out. I want to share helpful pieces of advice that I have received over the years with others to help them realize what they are truly passionate about. I feel that people have gotten so caught up in this race they forget that the journey is the best part. I want people to remember that no one is perfect and that each failure you make gets you one step closer to your solution.

As a society we have this standard of beauty and what’s healthy but I want to focus on health at every size. Just because you wear a size 0 doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy and if you wear a size 20 it doesn’t mean you aren’t. My blog is a way for me to combined being healthy and having a healthy attitude. Having a healthy body helps increase your mental health. It makes you happier and in turn, have a more fulfilling and fun life. People have to make themselves happy before anything or anyone else will be able to. I want to promote finding your passions and listening to yourself. No one else knows what’s best for you better than you do. Sometimes it does take some encouragement from others, especially with difficult decisions, but you ultimately hold the key to your own success.