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Christmas= Christmas cookies

People tend to gain a lot of weight over the winter holidays. Everyone watching and is pretty good about what they eat up until Thanksgiving, then it seems that not only do people start eating all the holiday treats but they also forget about exercising. I’m not saying that you should never eat another christmas cookie again but during this time of season we need to stay mindful not to eat an entire tube of cookie dough. Yo-yo dieting and gaining and losing weight in such a fashion is not only unhealthy but it is extremely hard on our bodies. And every year it is going to be that much harder to get those extra holiday pounds off. I have gathered a couple of tips that I have found to be beneficial for me while trying to fight off some of the holiday temptation.

1. Eat a small healthy meal before going to Christmas parties. I find this a great way to watch how much I munch at the parties because I already am somewhat full before entering so food isn’t the first thing on my mind.

2. Fill up your party plate once, then that’s all. Don’t every try to completely avoid things such as those delicious but oh so sinful peanut butter cookies. As soon as you tell yourself you can’t have something, you’ll be craving it all night. Try just to have one instead of ten!

3. Drinking tends to be a big part of people’s holiday spirit but keep in mind that that candy cane martini may have up to 750 calories in just one! Try to stick with your traditional gin and tonics or rum and cokes. Those special drinks usually aren’t worth those extra calories.

4. Try to stay active. I know with the holidays come too much stuff to do with too little time to do it but trust me, a little exercise will not only do your body good but it will also help you keep your mind  destressed when the in-laws come into town.

So many things drop of the priority list during the holiday season. Don’t let your body be one of them. This way you not have to make that New Years resolution to get back into shape. Staying in shape is easier to do then getting back into shape, trust me. I hope these little tips help you out during the rush of the holidays and I hope everyone enjoys their fiestas!