Chicken Tortilla Soup

I Just finished making one of my favorite soups! It is such a great thing for meals, especially in the winter time! Soup is a great and easy thing to make and keep in the ridge for meals and for quick snacks. My favorite soup is chicken tortilla and the best recipe I’ve tried is an Emeril Lagasse recipe, Tortilla Soup with Fire-Roasted Corn and Chipolte Crema. It is extremely flavorful and very filling. I always make a few alterations to recipes, like most people, to make it more to my taste. I always boil and shred my chicken for soups, instead of grilling or pan-frying it. I hate the texture of chucked chicken in my soups. I strongly believe that some making small changes to recipes is a key to cooking wonderful meals, if you know you dislike something don’t put it in. Part of the fun of cooking is trying different things and making changes to find what you like, it can be as small as adding some spices to make your meal have a little bigger kick. Experimenting helps you learn what goes together and what just doesn’t. Here is the recipe I used today in case anyone wants to check it out and try it!


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  1. Dano on

    I’ve had this soup before…TERRIFIC!! Especially if you slice up some avocado and put it with some crumbled up tortilla chips. This soup is excellent in the winter time as it fills you up and the perfect amount of spice keeps you warm. Thinking about it makes me want to cook some up ASAP!

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