Probiotics are something that not many people know or understand. Many people have heard the word but do not really understand what they are. I want to help clarify what probiotics are and what they are believed to do for the body.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that are believed to give health benefits to human if we eat them. They help to restore the balance of the good bacteria in our stomach and raise resistance to harmful germs. They aid in digestion and help create a protective barrier inside the intestine. Many other health claims have been made such as, helping lower cholesterol and blood pressure, preventing colon cancer, reducing inflammation, and many more. Probiotics have not been studied enough to guarantee any of these claims but more and more research is being conducted to try and help figure out the mystery behind probiotics. It is a rising field of interest and it will be interesting to see what they find in the next 5 years! Although the research is still going on they are nothing to shy away from while the studying is being done. A great way to get probiotics is through yogurt. It is good and good for you to help increase these friendly bacteria!



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