The Freshman 15!!!

The biggest fear for many people entering college is gaining the freshman 15! I’ll let you in on a secret… not that many people gain 15 pounds their first year, so don’t sweat it. First off the majority of people who gain that weight, don’t put on those pounds just because they entered college, it is usually either because they worked out and stayed in shape during high school through sports or other means and then stop exercising upon entering college or because they get so excited being on their own for the first time and they binge drink the first 60 days of college and have really bad eating habits. If you are generally concerned about your health you do not have much to worry about. Here are some simple things you can do to help get exercise on a somewhat regular basis, especially those of us in Boulder!

  1. Those who life in pretty active communities (Boulder is awesome for this), take advantage of all the open trails, mountains, and bike paths available. It is so easy to get around by foot or bike that once or twice a week try to get out and explore this awesome gorgeous campus. Boulder is one of the few places that have trails that can go on for over 50 miles without having to come in contact with a car.
  2. Walk around campus. Try taking a little longer route to your classes some days. You’d be surprised how much more energy you feel when you get a little extra activity in your day.
  3. Be mindful of how much food you are putting on your plate in the dorms. It is not that the food is bad for you so you gain weight; it is that we eat at a buffet and people tend to overeat when they are allowed an abundance of food. Take smaller plates of food and then go back and get more if you are still hungry, there will always be plenty of food, trust me.
  4. Take advantage of your free pass to the gym. Almost all college campuses give you gym access with your tuition so get your money’s worth. Exercising is a great way to stay in shape and feel less stressed, it is an awesome replacement to eating due to stress.
  5. Don’t eat out everyday. I know it can be difficult to eat really healthy when in college but find recipes that don’t take much preparation so you can make yourself a dinner or pack a lunch a couple times a week.

Overall have fun and enjoy yourself without the worry, make little changes in your lifestyle to help keep yourself active. I can’t say it enough MODERATION IS ALWAYS KEY!!!!!


2 comments so far

  1. Carolyn on

    hi!! Well the college (you are right, not just freshman) 20+ got me and I swam the entire time…i blame papa johns and beer…

    nice job on your blog sarah….sorry i have not been better about following!!

  2. Micah on

    College was a good time for me to lose weight. I was poor and couldn’t afford food and I used my free time to run and play sports. Now I am married and have kids and have put on 50 lbs! No worries, I am going to lose it all with a little dedication and hard work.

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