Half Full or Half Empty?!

happiness mainfesto

Positive thinking is one of the best qualities a person can possess. If you can find something good in almost every situation you are bound to feel better about the world around you and yourself. People always look at a situation from one angle and come to their one reaction and they miss out on MILLIONS of different opportunities and ways to handle the situation. Before judging a situation too quickly we really need to start taking a deep breath, stepping back, and reinterpret the situation at hand, come up with multiple options and outcomes and then, and only then decide on an the optimal decision.

One bad thing happens and people focus and dig into that bad thing and can’t see beyond it, but what people don’t realize is many times your reaction to bad situations is what helps build your character and bring about good and new opportunities. If you concentrate on that bad you might miss out on a whole lot of good. We need to stop taking life so seriously and take everything with a grain of salt. Every situation isn’t going to be ideal but if you can try and refocus your attention. You get to make the decisions in your life and you get to decide how to act and react to anything that comes your way. Try to think positively and remember that nothing is usually the end of the world. The world works in mysterious ways and everything works out the way it should. If something doesn’t go your way it is to give you the opportunity to take a different path and do bigger and better things!


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